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Early Blooming Crocus

Early Blooming Crocus

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Because of their very early bloom time, blooming crocuses are often considered the first sign of spring. Say goodbye to a gloomy, muddy yard at the end of winter — instead you'll find more and more cheery crocuses, as they bloom so early and multiply every year. This particular collection of crocus varieties was selected specifically for a beautiful blend of same-time blooming color, to give spring an especially warm welcome!

Product Information:

Light: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height: 4 - 6"
Deer Resistant
Bloom Time: Jumbo - early spring; Snow- very early spring
Spread: Jumbo 2" - 3"; Snow 1" - 2"
Zones: 3-9

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Early Blooming Crocus Product Details

Botanical Name: Crocus Varieties Generic
Form: Bulb
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height/Habit: 4 - 6"
Spread: Jumbo 2" - 3"; Snow 1" - 2"
Spacing: Jumbo 3" - 4"; Snow 2" -3"
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Foliage Type: Narrow, grass-like 4" - 6" long for Jumbo Crocus, 2" - 4" for Snow Crocus
Flower Form: Small cup shaped blooms.
Flower Color: Mixed
Flowering Date: Jumbo - early spring; Snow- very early spring
Planting Requirements: Jumbo, 3 - 4" deep; Snow, 3 - 4"
Soil Requirements: Well drained soil.
Growth Rate: Fast once established.
Unique Characteristics: Varieties selected for a nice blend of same-time blooming color. Multiplies annually for increased beauty. Early bloom time is ideal for use in a naturalized setting. One of the first signs of spring because of its early bloom time.
Pruning: Let the foliage die down naturally for nutrients to build up for next year's blooms. n/a
Additional Information: It is important to let the foliage mature and die down naturally, do not cut it back.
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