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Dinosaur Tree

Dinosaur Tree

Discovered in 1941
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Considered a living fossil, this species has been growing and reproducing for 50 million years! The Dinosaur Tree has become a popular ornamental, growing 3-4 feet per year. One of the few deciduous conifers that sheds its leaves in the winter, producing beautiful, fern-like foliage in the spring that turns a deep gold to orange-brown in the fall.

Product Information:

Light: Full Sun
Height: 70' - 100'
Bloom Time: Spring.
Spread: 25'
Zones: 4-8

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Dinosaur Tree Product Details

Botanical Name: Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Form: Deciduous tree
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Height/Habit: 70' - 100'
Spread: 25'
Spacing: 25'
Hardiness Zone: 4-8
Foliage Type: Feathery-pyramidal large tree with a strongly taped leader and upright branching. Deciduous, flattened needle-like (taxus) 1 1/2" long, bright green.
Flower Form: Monoecious (has both sexes on same tree); male racemes, female solitary.
Flower Color: Green
Flowering Date: Spring.
Planting Requirements: Set at the same level it is at in the container, firm and water in well. Easy to transplant and requires no special treatment. Large tree should not be planted in small yard.
Soil Requirements: Prefer moist, well-drained soil.
Growth Rate: Fast - 3' - 4' per year (50' in 15 years)
Unique Characteristics: An outstanding conifer that is not widely planted. Has needle-like foliage, looks evergreen, but is a deciduous conifer that sheds its leaves in the winter. Foliage produces a display that alone justifies growing this tree. Fall color can be old gold t
Pruning: Seldom requires pruning due to neat, uniform habit and excessive pruning ruins its form.
Additional Information: Trees were found in 1941 growing in China. Before that, it was thought to be extinct. Species has been growing & reproducing for 50 million years. It is considered a living fossil.
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Dinosaur Tree Customer Reviews     Write a Review

dinosaur tree Review by renee weise - charlotte, NC
Posted on 2014-03-15 16:01:51

Planted my tree a couple of years ago and it is growing fast. I can't wait for it to get big. It is a beautiful tree already.

So far so good Review by Sara D - Maple Park, IL
Posted on 2013-07-14 00:27:26

I planted my dinosaur tree in early summer and despite a setback early on, it is going strong. The first week after planting the top half of the tree broke off (dog or squirrel it was an animal.)Oops. Nervously, I continued to water and care for the tree and it has come back 150% with new growth and is green and healthy. You'd never guess the early trauma :) I look forward to watching this tree grow.

Hardy & beautiful lil tree! Review by Diane F. Roth - Philadelphia, PA
Posted on 2012-10-30 20:30:52

I just planted it in my yard a couple weeks ago and it survived Hurricane Sandy!!! It's an adorable addition to my garden... ;) (LOVE IT!!!)

Fast growing Review by Amy - Molalla, OR
Posted on 2012-08-26 12:17:31

My tree has grown 2 in since putting it in a pot 2 months ago. I hardly ever water it and it is green and healthy. When I first transplanted it to the pot it turned yellow but came back within a week bigger and brighter green than when it arrived. I can't wait to see how gorgeous it will be when it gets taller.

Dawn Redwood Review by Psyche - White Heath, IL
Posted on 2012-06-01 22:55:46

grows fast and will be huge in less than a lifetime but needs either a wetland or a sprinkler going during its first few yrs. This is a beautiful but very thirsty tree. needs to be at least 20/25 ft from another tree.

Dinosaur Tree Review by Joan Leib - Crystal Falls, MI
Posted on 2012-05-21 12:46:02

I love this tree. It has survived two winter up here in U.P. The "needles" on it are very soft. Unlike any tree I have ever planted. Joan

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