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Creeping Blue Sedum

Creeping Blue Sedum

Versatile and Drought Tolerant
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A colorful splash of pink and blue! This hardy succulent forms a perfect, circular mound of arching stems covered with fleshy, round, blue foliage with a deep pink line. The foliage turns pink in the winter. In late summer, flat heads of pink flowers bloom on 8" stems.

Product Information:

Light: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height: 6-8"
Bloom Time: Late Summer/Early Fall
Spread: 12"
Zones: 2-10

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Creeping Blue Sedum Product Details

Botanical Name: Sedum sieboldii
Form: Herbaceous perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height/Habit: 6-8"
Spread: 12"
Spacing: 1 foot
Hardiness Zone: 2-10
Foliage Type: Forms a perfect, circular mound of arching stems covered with fleshy, round, blue foliage edged with a deep pink line; turns pink in winter
Flower Form: Flat heads of pink flowers on 8 inch stems
Flower Color: Pink
Flowering Date: Late Summer/Early Fall
Planting Requirements: They take any kind of soil. Very drought tolerant.
Soil Requirements: well-drained
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: Forms a perfect, circular mound of round, blue foliage edged with a deep pink line; turns pink in winter. Nice pink flowers in late summer.
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Creeping Blue Sedum Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Very Pretty Review by Star Wooton - Flippin, AR
Posted on 2015-05-02 00:27:57

It's a very pretty plant. It has a definite blue color. I only got one because of the price but I will be adding to its space. I received it last fall and it did live through the winter. Hasn't reached Half of the mature size yet but it's working on it. Looks healthy

like Review by josiah brim - toledo, OH
Posted on 2015-04-11 08:23:47

Its lighter than the picture and slowly creeping along in my garden bed but I like it :)

Pretty Review by Starlene Wooton - Flippin, AR
Posted on 2014-09-29 23:40:07

I really like this little plant. Wish I'd ordered more of them. The blue-ish color is very pretty with the other plants it's with. I think I'd like to have more of them. It came in a small box and looked very healthy. It's been planted for several days now and seems very happy where it is. It's the end of Sept. and I'm hopping its roots are deep enough by the time winter gets here that it servives.

Beautiful Plant Review by Donna Pierce - Melrose, MN
Posted on 2014-09-15 20:20:10

So very pretty. I highly recommend trying. It has a sort of a lacy appearance & is spreading nicely. Very happy with it.

Great Plant Review by Elizabeth Fowler - Dalton, GA
Posted on 2013-11-02 18:06:33

My first plant of this type and it has done beautiful since being planted in the spring 2013 I can't say enough about the lovely blooms each time I looked at it I sad wow. I gave a 4 due to I don't know ho it will winter outside.

Perfect Ground Cover Review by Louise Santoro - Julian , CA
Posted on 2013-10-08 13:57:41

This grew on a rocky, clay hillside where nothing else would. Some of it got dislodged by fence installers, but I will definitely buy more next year.

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1 for $4.99

A striking addition to the garden, Creeping Blue Sedum is a show-stopping succulent. The unique indigo blue coloring of this variegated sedum is enhanced by hot pink edging on each thick, round leaf. Midsummer, you'll appreciate its lovely, delicate pink flowers, as will hummingbirds and butterflies. In autumn, the blue foliage turns a deep fuchsia color, providing year round beauty and interest.

Creeping Blue Sedum makes an ideal ground cover for a variety of zones and climates. Hardy in zones 2 – 10, these sedums perform well almost anywhere. They thrive in poor soil but require good drainage- about the only thing that will kill a sedum is too much water. They prefer to be planted in full sun to partial shade. Extremely drought tolerant and happy to be neglected, this sedum ground cover spreads quickly and outgrows most weeds, making it an excellent filler for any problem area. This variegated sedum also grows well in containers, rock walls, in between paving stones and along borders. Growing to form a circular mound of arching 6 – 8" branches, it makes a good base for taller plantings, especially those in rich shades of purple or pink, or planted in combination with other boldly colored succulents. Give these sedums plenty of space, about a foot, as they will spread. Creeping Blue Sedum requires little to no maintenance and is a beautiful addition to any garden.

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