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Chocolate Vine

Chocolate Vine

Very Fragrant
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It produces brown-purple flowers in late spring, followed by large seedpods that ripen in early fall. The pulp is edible and tastes like tapioca pudding. Vigorous vine is perfect for a decorative accent over walls, trellises, fences or arbors.

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Light: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height: 4-6'
Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer.
Spread: 4-6'
Zones: 4-9

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Chocolate Vine Product Details

Botanical Name: Akebia quinata
Form: Vine or ground cover
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height/Habit: 4-6'
Spread: 4-6'
Spacing: 4-6'
Hardiness Zone: 4-9
Foliage Type: Unusual looking leathery leaves, evergreen in mild climates
Flower Form: Small lilac-purple flowers with 3 petals, held in groups of 2 to 5 flowers. Separate male and female flowers on the same plant.
Flower Color: Purple
Flowering Date: Late spring to early summer.
Planting Requirements: Best in full sun or part shade, no special needs
Soil Requirements: normal soil is fine, no special needs
Growth Rate: Moderate
Unique Characteristics: Very fragrant, can be used as climber or as ground cover, very hardy, produces large seed pods which are ripe in early fall. The pulp which tasts somewhat like tapioca pudding is edible.
Pruning: Prune in Spring after flowering if needed After flowering in late Spring
Additional Information: Plant produces male and female flowers on the same vine.
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Chocolate Vine Customer Reviews     Write a Review

Very Pretty Review by Starlene Wooton - Flippin, AR
Posted on 2014-09-29 23:13:06

I've only just planted my vine. It's very small, but looks very healthy. Beautiful leaves.

Great Growth Review by Patricia Joynton - Alpena, MI
Posted on 2014-01-23 18:11:49

I obviously planted this at some tme--it is growing everywhere! Don't recall the initiation, but now that I recognize it, I'm going to get it off the ground and onto the fence and trellis.

Buy in Fall Review by Ruth Tibbitts - Kanosh, UT
Posted on 2012-07-14 18:02:02

I bought two in the fall (2011). They arrived with my fall bulbs and one was vigorous looking and the other was withered on top, but the roots were moist. I planted them in a shady area (late afternoon sun) and watered them until the beginning of November. I was worried they would die. But, come spring they came back and grew about 1 foot. No flowers or fruits yet, I'm looking forward to seeing them next year.

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The Chocolate Vine, also known by the botanical name of Akebia Quinata, vibrantly blooms in late spring with exceptionally fragrant, lilac-purple flowers. These plentiful, dainty flowers have three petals and are held in groups of two to five, with separate male and female flowers blooming on the same plant. With a moderate growth rate, the bountiful Chocolate Vine produces an abundance of unique leathery-looking leaves that are evergreen in mild climates. In the early fall, this hardy climber sprouts a wealth of large seed pods, as well.

Ideal as a decorative accent over any trellis, pergola, arbor, wall, or fence, the Chocolate Vine can also be used as a hearty and attractive ground cover. Demanding no special treatment, this purple lilac vine is the ideal choice for the casual gardener. The low maintenance allows for it to flourish in normal soil with full sun to partial shade and if necessary, only requires minor pruning in the spring after flowering. Best when spread 4-to-6 feet apart with 4-to-6 foot of spacing, this plant will mature to 4-to-6 feet in height. As a bonus, the pulp of the Chocolate Vine is edible and tastes strikingly similar to tapioca pudding.

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