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Blueberry Parfait Hydrangea

Blueberry Parfait Hydrangea

Big, Colorful Blooms!
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Vigorous growers are excellent as garden features or bold informal hedges. In mid to late summer, glossy dark green leaves are covered with huge "mophead" blooms. Blue flowers require acidic soil.

Product Information:

Light: Shade, Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height: 3 - 5'
Bloom Time: Mid to late summer
Spread: 3 - 5'
Zones: 5-9

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Blueberry Parfait Hydrangea Product Details

Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla 'Penny Mac'
Form: Deciduous woody shrub
Sun Exposure: Shade, Partial Shade, Full Sun
Height/Habit: 3 - 5'
Spread: 3 - 5'
Spacing: 4 - 6'
Hardiness Zone: 5-9
Foliage Type: Dark, glossy green, broadly ovate with toothed edges.
Flower Form: 6 - 8" flowerheads made up of a multitude of individual florets.
Flower Color: Blue
Flowering Date: Mid to late summer
Planting Requirements: Prefers partial shade except in cool summer climates, can tolerate full sun.
Soil Requirements: Well drained humus rich acid soil.
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast. Slower in North regions.
Unique Characteristics: Another great performing hydrangea that blooms on new wood. Leaving less worry about winter freezing out your blooms. Blue Hydrangeas require acid soil. Aluminum is a component of all soils, but its availability to plants depends on the acidity of the so
Pruning: Remove any winter damage wood. Prune after flowering may result in additional blooming for the season. In early spring when new growth is starting.
Additional Information: Developed by Penny MacHenry, founder of the American Hydrangea Society.
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Blueberry Parfait Hydrangea Customer Reviews     Write a Review

blue hydrangea Review by jeannette orme - mt stereling, KY
Posted on 2013-08-08 09:55:39

my blue hydrangea was beautiful and the blooms were so big,my neice saw it and wanted me to order her one

GREAT Review by Thomas - St Louis , MO
Posted on 2013-03-27 08:49:50

Beautiful flowers and a nice shrub

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As delicious in appearance as their name sounds, large blue flowers set against glossy green leaves are the hallmarks of the Blueberry Parfait Hydrangea. Despite their yummy name, be aware that hydrangeas can be moderately toxic if eaten. At maturity, the Blueberry Hydrangea, also known by its botanical name of Hydrangea Macrophylla penny mac, will reach three to five feet in height. The bright blue blooms typically appear in mid- to late summer depending on climate. The Blueberry Hydrangea will grow best in an area of the garden that receives filtered or indirect sunlight via morning sun and afternoon shade. This gorgeous Blue Hydrangea serves well as a large focal point planting or as an informal hedge.

The Blueberry Parfait Hydrangea is best planted once the early spring frost subsides and before the temperatures rise. Ensure that the soil you are planting the blueberry hydrangea in has adequate acidity. The bright blue blooms of this Hydrangea may turn pink if the alkaline levels in the soil are too high. If you fear your soil isn't acidic enough, you can add a soil acidifier after testing the soil's pH levels. The blue blooms of the Blueberry Parfait Hydrangea only form on new growth and your plant will benefit from both spring and fall pruning. Cutting back dying blooms allows new growth to flourish.

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