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Black Magic Elephant Ear

Black Magic Elephant Ear

Towering form
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Velvety leaves up to 2' long, with deep purple color. Plant as a dramatic screen or focal point to fill in along foundations. Dig bulbs for winter storage north of zone 7.

Product Information:

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Height: 4-6'
Deer Resistant
Size: Tubers
Zones: 3-10 (overwinter indoors in zones3-6)

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Black Magic Elephant Ear Product Details

Botanical Name: Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic'
Form: Tender, deciduous perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 5' - 6' tall, large oval shape
Spread: 4' - 5'
Spacing: 3' - 5'
Hardiness Zone: 3-10 (overwinter indoors in zones 3-6)
Foliage Type: Huge, oval leaves up to 2' + long and 18" wide. Deep purple-black. Ornamental from mid summer to frost.
Flower Form: The Jack-in-the-Pulpit-like flowers are small, insignificant and rarely produced.
Flower Color: Cream
Flowering Date: Summer
Planting Requirements: Plant 2 - 4" below soil level. Keep well watered. Best to mulch if not grown in standing water.
Soil Requirements: Deep, moisture-retentive soils. They are heavy feeders.
Growth Rate: Fast, establishes quickly
Unique Characteristics: A wonderful tender perennial grown in the north as an annual where the rootstock is dug prior to winter and stored in a frost-free environment. Huge bold foliage makes a dramatic accent in the garden. Perfect to grow with other gray foliage plants, or with pink or red flowered plants. One of the most outstanding structural plants for a garden, bringing a bold exotic, tropical look to borders or containers. It can be used as a specimen or mass planted where it can be a unique hedge or screen. Easy, to grow, requires little more than deep watering in dry spells. The foliage emerges green then turns black. Introduced by Walter Pagels in California.
Pruning: None
Additional Information: Lift tubers and over-winter them in a frost-free environment. The taros replace the potato in tropical regions as a source of food. C. esculenta is most frequently grown to make "poi."
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Black Magic Elephant Ears are the perfect accent for the summer garden. Aptly-named because of its' leaves strong resemblance to the elephant ears, this Colocasia plant originates from tropical Asia. This particular variety produces dark, velvety leaves guaranteed to be a conversation-starter and make you the envy of your fellow gardeners. On the underside of the plants, you will find a chalky bloom that more resembles the color gray. It is truly an interesting and versatile plant.

Our Black Magic Elephant Ears plant is extremely flexible when it comes to growing conditions, so you can be free to plant it in an area that either gets lots of sun, shade, or even in a bog without worry. As it grows and matures, your Colocasia plant will expand and grow into a mass of beautiful and dramatic midnight-colored leaves. Just be sure to plant in a spacious area, as the leaves can grow up to 36 inches. In addition to soil, the plant can also thrive in a water garden. You should treat Colocasia like your other summer-blooming bulbs. Planting should happen in the spring. If you are looking to propagate, the plant will produce the best results in winter or early spring.

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