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Toad Lilies

Plant orchid-like blooms in the shade.

Toad lilies are named for their spotted petals, squat shape, and shade-loving properties. In spite of their unusual name, they are beautiful flowers. These perennial plants grow best in partly shaded areas with moist and humus-enriched soil. Although it's important to keep your toad lilies watered, they are a delicate flower, so don't completely drench the soil. Toad lilies are small, but don't let their size fool you. They're tough and hardy plants that do well in varied climates. The flower resembles a small orchid and is speckled with various shades of purple.

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When other perennials in your garden have finished blooming and trees are laying low for winter, the toad lily is just starting to bloom. It brings a late season colorful bloom to the shady outer edges of your garden. The toad lily originates from Asia and when found in the wild, the flowers will grow in the midst of tall grass. In a traditional garden, they prefer to grow in small clumps. You'll find the toad lilies to be an easy and low maintenance plant that can resist most weather conditions, disease and pests, and come out unscathed while still looking beautiful.

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