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Colorful succulents perfect for ground cover.

These fast-growing and hardy perennials, once planted, need very little attention. Sedum are perfect for covering barren areas and filling in beds or rock gardens, gardening on slopes, or planting in containers. They thrive in zones 3 - 10, and prefer well-drained soil in sunny locations. They should generally be spaced 6 - 10 inches apart, depending on the variety you choose. Sedum plants come in a magnificent array of colors and bloom types including white, pink, purple, yellow or orange flowers. They are evergreen and retain their colorful foliage during the winter months in warmer climates, lending a festive air to your winter landscape.

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When you buy sedum plants, you can be assured of a dazzling carpet of easy-to-grow, vibrant and unique succulents. Sedum make excellent ground cover, and is one of the most drought-resistant plants! We offer a wide selection of sedums, including vivid flowering varieties, tall stately sedums, veriegated varieties and rosette-forming succulents. Sedums have many attractive qualities, but what truly sets them apart is their foliage. Varieties range from green, reddish purple, blue-green or variegated, with various unique and interesting textures. When the long-lasting blossoms die, these colorful leaves remain, ensuring your garden will never lack an interesting and eye-catching feature.

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