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Black-eyed Susans are perfect for sunny gardens.

The Rudbeckia plant, also known as a Black-Eyed-Susan and sometimes categorized as a coneflower, is the perfect sun perennial for hot gardens. These species vary in coloration - everything from sunburst mixtures of oranges and yellows to solid purples - as well as plant and bloom shape. The leaves of the Rudbeckia flower are arranged in a spiral, with a simple stem and open, daisy-like flower on top.

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    Black-Eyed Susan
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    Rudbeckia Goldsturm
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Rudbeckia Plant is a favorite among many garden enthusiasts due to its hardy nature and ease of growth. Growth size depends on the species being grown. Many types are dwarf (about 1' tall) while other varieties can reach as high as 9'. Ideal flowering conditions are full sun, and you can expect them to bloom by mid-summer to fall. Whether you choose to start your Rudbeckia from a pot or plant directly into the garden once the temperature is ideal, it's important to remember to keep them well watered all throughout the first season. Other good tips to keep in mind are to go easy on the fertilizer; regular deadheading of faded flowers will keep them in bloom longer; and division between plants isn't necessary unless the cluster becomes too large for the space in which it is growing.

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