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Rose of Sharon

A type of hibiscus with lovely, showy flowers.

If you'd like to add a tropical flair to your landscape design, look no further than our selection of Rose of Sharon plants. This lovely native of Asia is a member of the hibiscus genus. Our Rose of Sharon plants (Hibiscus syriacus) are winter-hardy in zones 5 - 8.

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    Blue Bird Rose Of Sharon
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    Fiji Rose of Sharon
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There are many Rose of Sharon varieties available in an array of colors, including white, lavender, blue, light red, and pink. Several varieties also have a contrasting starburst of color in the center of the bloom, creating a stunning display. They are prolific bloomers that produce large, 2 - 5 inches wide blossoms. If the branches are pruned in the spring to leave 3 buds per branch, the flowers tend to be larger. The Rose of Sharon attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and is a welcome addition to a wildlife garden. It is also deer-resistant. This hardy shrub is versatile, equally lovely as a hedge, backdrop or garden ceterpiece. It has a vase-shaped growth structure and can grow 6 feet wide and to a height of 8 feet. When planting Rose of Sharon hedges, place the plants 6 feet apart. Rose of Sharon plants are self-sowing perennials. Easy to grow, these low-maintenance shrubs prefer well-drained soil and thrive in full sun or partial shade. Enjoy the long-lasting tropical beauty of these gorgeous flowers from June until the first frost.

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