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Masses of flowers grow on stalks or as a carpet.

Phlox plants feature wide bunches of flowers that release a beautiful fragrance, sure to beckon birds and bees from all over. The flowers themselves are star-shaped and grow in vibrant clumps. Depending on the variety of phlox that you choose, you will find red, pink, blue or white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer.
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  • Red Carpet Phlox

    A Guarantee for a Colorful Spring!

    Red Carpet Phlox
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  • Blue Carpet Phlox

    Blue Carpet Phlox

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  • Pink Carpet Phlox

    Pink Carpet Phlox

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  • White Carpet Phlox

    White Carpet Phlox

    1 for $4.99
  • Tall Phlox Mix Super Bag
  • Twisted Phlox Mix

    Twisted Phlox Mix

    3 for $19.99