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Fluffy, fragrant flowers are hardy and resiliant.

Peonies symbolized bashfullness in the Victorian Language of Flowers, but these blooms are anything but shy. Their big, puffy blossoms resemble a gorgeous multi-layered petticoat. And just one peony can fill a whole room with its enticing scent! Originally gaining prominence as one of the Victorian Era's most popular flowers, peonies resemble the puffy, multi-layered petticoats of the time period. These fantastic Asiatic natives are also known for their longevity -- in fact, some have been known to live for more than 100 years. .

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Peonies plants thrive in full to partial sun, and require thorough waterings. Young peonies require a bit of attention via frequent waterings, but once they establish themselves in your garden, waterings can become more infrequent. Peony plants thrive in a variety of environments as well. Peonies plants for sale come in a variety of colors, like red, pink, yellow, and white but, regardless of their hue, these flowers put on a show when they bloom in mid-spring. Even after their flowers have disappeared, the shrub from which they grow cuts an attractive form, with glossy green leaves that turn purple or gold when autumn rolls around. Peonies plants are often cut to make bouquets, used to line walkways, or pruned into low but beautiful garden shrubs -- bring some in your own life to see just how beautiful they can be

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