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Fluffy, fragrant flowers are hardy and resiliant.

Peonies symbolized bashfullness in the Victorian Language of Flowers, but these blooms are anything but shy. Their big, puffy blossoms resemble a gorgeous multi-layered petticoat. And just one peony can fill a whole room with its enticing scent! Originally gaining prominence as one of the Victorian Era's most popular flowers, peonies resemble the puffy, multi-layered petticoats of the time period. These fantastic Asiatic natives are also known for their longevity -- in fact, some have been known to live for more than 100 years. .
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  • Karl Rosenfield Double Peony...

    Huge, Fragrant Blooms Lure Pollinators

    Karl Rosenfield Double Peony (Red)
    1 for $9.99

    Great Value! Arguably one of the most long-lived and reliable bloomers for the landscape, peonies add decades of beauty, color and gr... 

  • Festiva Maxima Double Peony (White)
  • Sarah Bernhardt Double Peony (Pink)
  • Sorbet Peony

    Sorbet Peony

    1 for $9.99
  • Kirinmaru Peony

    Kirinmaru Peony

    1 for $19.99
  • Top Brass Peony

    Top Brass Peony

    1 for $12.99
  • Kopper Kettle Itoh Peony
  • Morning Lilac Itoh Peony