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High-impact, low-maintenance plants provide autumnal beauty.

Chrysanthemums are among the most famous flowering perennials in the world. Also known as mums, these high-impact, low-maintenance plants start blooming in late summer and stay around to welcome fall in powerful shades of gold, orange, purple, red and more.Chrysanthemums may have originated in China, but their name is entirely Greek: "Chrysous Anthemom." Today, these flowers are most commonly known as mum plants. Now, you can find mum plants that boast daisy-like petals, pom-pom tops, or circular blooms similar to buttons - there are so many styles to choose from!
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  • Football Mum Mix

    Large Colorful Blooms

    Football Mum Mix
    3 for $19.99

    Great Value! Remember fall sports fans pinning these large chrysanthemums to their jackets as a sign of good luck to the home team? ... 

  • Monster Mum Mix

    Monster Mum Mix

    3 for $19.99
  • Red Daisy Monster Mum
  • Coral Daisy Monster Mum
  • Lavender Daisy Monster Mum
  • Bronze Daisy Monster Mum
  • Yellow Quill Monster Mum
  • Cushion Mum Mix

    Cushion Mum Mix

    3 for $14.99