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Try tall German irises or delicate Japanese irises.

Iris plants bloom in a cluster of beautiful flowers on each stalk, making them the showpiece of any garden. The iris bulbs plant is named after the Greek word for rainbow, because of its many species and the dozens of colors available. irises mostly bloom in early summer and attract many hummingbirds and butterflies during their blooming periods. And, iris plants are hardy and pest-resistant, giving a regal appearance with very little work. Shop for iris bulbs and rhizomes at the Michigan Bulb Company and put these sturdy, versatile beauties on display in containers, beds, or as ground cover.
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  • Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris

    A Guarantee for a Colorful Spring!

    Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris
    1 for $7.99

    Great Value! Get Big Savings While You Fill Your Garden with Color

  • Shaker's Prayer Siberian Iris
  • Louisiana Iris Mix

    Louisiana Iris Mix

    3 for $12.99
  • First Lady Double Siberian Iris
  • Black Iris

    Black Iris

    1 for $9.99