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Colorful clusters of flowers on woody shrubs.

No one can resist the Hydrangea, with its colorful cluster of flowers, bobbing its beautiful head in agreement to its charm. These shrubs tend to grow large, so go with the dwarf variety if space is limited in your garden.

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The most common hydrangeas are "mopheads," where the blooms create a rounded helmet of flowers. The delicate "lacecaps" may be more demure, but are still bold and beautiful with loose, flatter flower arrangements. And then there are the "oakleaf" hydrangea plants for sale, with unique, conical bloom clusters. If you give oakleaf hydrangea plants a dose of daily sun, they will repay the favor with stunning fall foliage.

Most hydrangea plants are shade-tolerant, but that doesn't mean they won't benefit from occaisional sun. Too much shade can result in fewer blooms, so pick a partially shaded spot. Once you've picked the perfect spot in your garden, go with cold-hardy hydrangea plants for your particular zone for the best blooms. Plant these hydrangea plants in early summer and fall in well-draining soil and no deeper than they were growing in their pots. Make sure your beauties aren't left to tread water, and if you fertilize, stop the process in August so your hydrangea plants can go dormant. Once they awake, you'll be rewarded for your efforts!

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