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Tall or short varieties, perfect for borders.

Choose from a wide palette of blooms in our collection of Hollyhock plants. Each plant produces a tall spire of flowers that are one of the traditional heralds of the early summer. Blooms range from pale peaches and pinks to deep crimson and almost-black. The brightly colored flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies; Painted Lady butterflies are especially fond of them.

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Hollyhock plants are a great addition to any border or bed, and can be grown on their own, planted alongside shrub roses, used as a backdrop to shorter flowers, or used as a natural trellis for clematis vines. Because they can grow quite tall, when planting hollyhocks you should consider the threat of high wind. They're often planted against a building, fence or, most traditionally, a barn for this reason. Hollyhock plants are usually grown from seed and as biennials they will only grow foliage the first year. Once a full stand has been established, they will re-seed themselves and blooming will be consistent. Plant your hollyhocks in well-drained soil in a location that receives plenty of direct sunlight. For variety, consider mixing stem height as well as color of the hollyhocks for sale, such as combining the striking 8-foot tall "Watchman," with its memorable near-black blooms with shorter but equally stunning varieties such as the frilly, pinkish "Peaches 'n Dreams" and "Queeny Purple" with ruffled royal violet blooms.

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