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Blooms in early spring outdoors, year-round indoors.

Looking for a long-lived and attractive flower for your early spring gardens? Consider the helleborus plant, or hellebore, known for its hardiness, delightfully unusual colors, signature five-petaled flowers, and low maintenance. We offer a variety of unique helleborus for sale - each breed a fantastic addition in its own right. These shade-loving perennials commonly flower in late winter to early spring - many breeds are evergreen - and support blooms for 12 weeks at a time, making them stunning splashes of color while other plants are in decline or still establishing themselves. Frequently called the "Christmas Rose," helleborus can be grown indoors as a tropical holiday houseplant.
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  • Mixed Hellebores

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    Mixed Hellebores
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  • Double-Flowered Hellebores

    Double-Flowered Hellebores

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