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Coral Bells

Lovely foliage in many colors decorates shady gardens.

At home in both sunny and shady areas, coral bells (Heuchera) add instant color and beauty to summer landscapes. Richly hued foliage comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect backdrop for tall, arching sprays of tiny bells. Coral bells, also known as alum roots, feature long flower spikes that extend from low-growing foliage. Deeply colored flowers form at the top of the spikes, which make this a perfect plant for the front border of your garden; the spikes will create a uniform front and yet will not block any plants growing behind. Depending on the chosen variety, coral bells plants flowers will bloom in red, purple, silver, and green. Coral bells perennial plants are low maintenance and are very easy to grow and manage. They can tolerate a variety of environments, but should be kept away from extremely cold temperatures. While they not only provide a unique foliage, coral bells also attract hummingbirds, who are attracted to their tall, delicate flowers.

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The foliage undergrowth of Heuchera can reach as tall as eighteen inches and the flower spikes typically grow to around twenty-four inches. They can tolerate a variety of light, thriving in sun, part sun, and shady environments. It is important to provide cora bells plants with plenty of room to grow, as a single plant can expand to an area up to thirty inches wide. It is best to plant coral bell plants one to two feet apart. If you are looking to propagate the coral bells perennial plant, divide the rootball into several clumps and then plant again.

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