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Calla Lily Bulbs

These elegant blooms are surprisingly easy to grow.

Best known for its traditional use in white bridal bouquets, calla lily plants now come in a variety of beautiful hues such as lavender, purple, orange, red, yellow, and peach. Calla lilies can bloom year-round when provided with adequate warmth and humidity. When not in bloom, their lush, dark green glossy foliage lends a tropical aura to beds and borders. Our selection of lovely calla lilies includes a colorful mix of several vibrant varieties which produce a wealth of distinctive trumpet-shaped fragrant blooms. While white calla lilies have the strongest scent, most callas have a soft, sweet floral aroma.
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  • Majestic Colorful Calla...

    A Guarantee for a Colorful Spring!

    Majestic Colorful Calla Lilies Collection
    4 for $19.99

    Great Value! These spectacular hybrids will set your garden ablaze with a dazzling palette of vibrant colors. These top performers ar... 

  • Calla Lily Mix

    Calla Lily Mix

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  • Flower Power Calla Lily

    Flower Power Calla Lily

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  • Royal Robe Giant Calla Lily

    Royal Robe Giant Calla Lily

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